How to prepare for a relocation hearing in Colorado

When you and your ex initially split up your parental responsibilities, you may not have thought about moving in the future. However, now that you have started to move on with your life, you realize that it would be best for you to move across the state to your hometown or to pick a job on the East Coast to increase your income and put money away for the children’s college.

When you share custody after a breakup or divorce, you do not have the luxury of getting to just pack up and leave when opportunities arise. Instead, you need approval from your ex or the courts if you will leave the area where you currently live with your children.

Having your future opportunities depend on your ex’s compliance or a court ruling can feel very frightening. Thankfully, with the right approach, you can improve your chances of success.

Approach your ex with a reasonable suggestion

You can’t just tell the other parent of your children that you intend to move away to where they will not see the children regularly and expect them to enthusiastically support you.

It will probably be best to come up with a rough suggestion for how you can share custody after the move so that they understand you have considered their relationship with the children while making this decision. Your suggestion could be an important starting point for a negotiation that might lead to them agreeing with your decision to move.

If they are uncooperative, then you can request a hearing with the Colorado family courts for a custody modification.

How do you convince the courts to allow a relocation?

A judge wants to make custody decisions that are in the best interests of the children. While being close to both parents is often a good arrangement, may not be the most realistic option for your family in the long term.

To convince a judge that having the children move with you is the right thing, you need to demonstrate how they will benefit from the move. Better schools, an opportunity to reconnect with childhood friends and closer relationships with extended family are some of the benefits that children gain after a relocation with one of their parents.

Keeping the focus of your argument on what will benefit the children, rather than your own wishes, will give you the greatest chance of convincing the courts to rule in your favor. Learning more about the rules that govern custody modifications can help you prepare before a hearing in Colorado family court.