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Ensuring A Fair Child Support Award

Child support comes up often, sometimes even after you have an order awarding a child support amount. Child support in Colorado is calculated according to a statutory formula.

The Broomfield-based lawyers at Danielsen Westhoff, PC, represent married and unmarried clients with child support issues across Jefferson County. Whether you are a parent receiving or paying child support, we will guide you and ensure that the child support amount is accurate.

What Goes Into The Child Support Formula?

The formula focuses on the parties’ gross monthly incomes and number of overnights spent with the child as detailed in the parenting plan. It also takes into consideration other routine expenses associated with raising a child, including health insurance and child care.

This sounds simple, but common missteps can cause problems, including:

  • Simple math errors or inputting the wrong number
  • Failing to properly account for credits related to other children, alimony payments, health insurance and day care costs
  • Not including income from all sources (this is broader than the definition of income for tax purposes and can be difficult to calculate for a business owner or day laborer)

Circumstances change that directly impact the amount of child support owed, including a child turning 18, job loss or significant increases in health insurance expenses. Child support must be revisited periodically and sometimes modified to ensure that the amount originally awarded is accurate.

Get An Accurate Child Support Award

An incorrect income number or failure to consider insurance can be a costly mistake. Seeking modifications is often difficult, so make sure that everything put into the child support formula is correct.

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