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Maybe you are filing for divorce after much soul-searching. Maybe it’s a mutual decision for a marriage that just isn’t working anymore. Or maybe divorce has been thrust upon you because your spouse wants out. In all these scenarios, you need legal counsel to help you problem-solve and protect your interests.

The experienced attorneys of Danielsen Westhoff, PC, guide you through the Colorado divorce process, from divorce planning and assistance with strategic decisions to representation in negotiations or court proceedings. We welcome men and women from all walks of life in Broomfield.

A Divorce Is Many Legal Matters Wrapped Up In One

Our lawyers have handled the full array of divorces, from young couples parting ways to “gray divorce” beyond age 50. We tailor our counsel and representation to your circumstances and your goals to provide comprehensive solutions:

• Property division: Colorado law requires an equitable division of assets and debts. We help you reach a fair and practical resolution, including complex assets like retirement accounts, real estate or a closely held business. Many divorces require creative solutions for dividing significant marital debt.

• Custody and co-parenting: If you have children, you need to work out custody and parenting time and the details of the parenting agreement. We provide sound advocacy for dispute resolution or contested proceedings.

• Spousal support: Will there be alimony (spousal maintenance) in your divorce? We can negotiate the terms or argue for or against it in court.

• Domestic violence: We help people obtain emergency orders, and we have represented both sides in permanent protection order hearings. These sensitive situations have implications for child custody and parenting time.

• Legal separation: Explore the pros and cons of a formal legal separation as an alternative to divorce.

• Divorce consulting: In an uncontested divorce, our firm offers unbundled services at an hourly rate to address specific issues so that you do not have to pay a full divorce retainer.

It Doesn’t Have To Be A Fight

Most Colorado courts encourage or require mediation to resolve disputes in lieu of a trial. We help clients prepare for divorce mediation to make the most of the opportunity while still protecting their interests. As experienced litigators, we can help you identify the key divorce and custody issues and explore possible resolutions to avoid a nasty and expensive courtroom right. We can also recommend good mediators who are fair and get results.

Sometimes a negotiated solution is not possible. Our trial lawyers are equipped to forcefully represent you in divorce court.

Start With An Initial Consultation

It is important to get legal counsel as soon as possible to avoid costly mistakes and position yourself and your children for the best possible outcome of divorce. To arrange an appointment with one of our experienced family law attorneys, call 720-739-7835 today or use our online form.