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As financial, familial, and marital circumstances change, so may a parent’s desire to stay in a location, job, or relationship. However, any move that affects the other parent’s court-ordered parenting time may be objected to by that parent.

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Move-Away Cases in Colorado

Colorado has specific procedures in place that parents with whom a child resides the majority of the time must follow when the proposed move would “substantially change the geographic ties between the child and the other parent.”

Written Notice of Relocation Must be Provided

Colorado’s relocation laws require a parent wishing to relocate to provide written notice to the other parent of:

  • The intent to relocate
  • The location of the proposed new home
  • Any reasons for the requested relocation
  • A proposed and revised parenting schedule and plan

A parent who objects to relocation may contest the move as a whole and seek a custody change or object to the proposed parenting plan and present an alternative. Any proposed relocation and objection are considered in light of the child’s best interests.

Relocation and The Best Interests of the Child

The court considers all case circumstances when determining if a move-away request is in the best interests of the child. Factors reviewed by the court include but are not limited to:

  • Reasons for the relocation
  • Reasons for any relocation objection
  • Each parent’s history and quality of relationship with the child since earlier court orders
  • The child’s present educational opportunities versus any in the proposed location
  • Whether the extended family is present in the present or the new location
  • Benefits of the child remaining with the parent proposing the move
  • The anticipated impact of the move on the child
  • Whether meaningful parenting time is affordable for the other parent should the move-away be permitted
  • Any other relevant factors

Each parent has the burden of proving their proposed parenting time plan and child custody arrangements serve the best interests of the child.

Initial Child Custody Decisions in Colorado

In an initial child custody case, a parent may not be ordered by the court to remain in Colorado. Instead, the court must look to the best interests of the child and create a stable family environment out of the given circumstances.

The parents are on equal footing in an initial child custody decision.

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