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Family law is a body of law consisting of state statutes and legal precedents. Family law governs legal obligations between individuals who are typically related by blood or marriage. If you would like to discuss a family law matter with an experienced Arvada attorney, reach out to Danielsen Westhoff, PC, today.

Family law issues are a part of daily life. This area of the law includes but is not limited to:

Not only are family law issues legally complicated, but they are often emotionally overwhelming due to the anxiety and stress they cause the parties involved.

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Divorce in Colorado

Colorado is a no-fault divorce state. This means that neither spouse is faulted for the breakup of the marriage. Instead, the only grounds for divorce in Colorado is that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

The court will not issue a final decree of divorce until 91 days from the date the non-filing spouse:

  • Officially receives the divorce papers
  • Enters the divorce as a co-petitioner
  • Otherwise enters an appearance in the divorce case

Most Colorado divorces take six months to one year to resolve.

Spousal Maintenance in Colorado

Alimony is called spousal maintenance in Colorado and may be temporary or permanent.

Temporary spousal maintenance is awarded for the pendency of the divorce. Permanent spousal maintenance begins when the final decree of divorce is issued and is rarely a lifelong order of support.

To receive spousal maintenance, the receiving spouse must demonstrate a financial need for support and the paying spouse must have the financial ability to pay support.

Spousal misconduct is not a factor when determining a spousal maintenance award.

Child Custody in Colorado

Colorado refers to child custody as the Allocation of Parental Responsibilities. Parental responsibilities include parenting time (physical custody) and decision-making responsibilities (legal custody).

Parents may agree to a detailed parenting plan establishing parental responsibilities and present it to the court for approval. When parents cannot reach an agreement, the court will order a parenting plan on their behalf.

All parenting plans must be in the best interests of the children. Whenever possible, Colorado favors parent plans that allow frequent and continuing contact with both parents and the participation of both parents in child-rearing.

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