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Colorado offers prospective parents the opportunity to adopt children from within their extended families, through adoption agencies, and through the foster care system. Regardless of the method you choose to bring a child into your family, the attorneys at Danielsen Westhoff, PC, can guide you through this rewarding and potentially legally challenging process. Contact our Arvada adoption attorneys today for a free initial consultation.

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What is Adoption?

Adoption is the legal process of terminating a child’s biological parent’s rights and responsibilities and permanently awarding those rights and responsibilities to adoptive parents.

Adoption is Different from Custody or Guardianship

A guardianship does not terminate a biological parent’s rights and responsibilities. A guardian is responsible for a child’s care and custody.

However, a parent may come back into the picture and motion the court to terminate the guardianship and return the child to their care and control. It is typically easier for caregivers with legal custody of a child to receive state assistance than guardians.

Who Can Adopt in Colorado?

Anyone over 21 may adopt a child in Colorado. Persons under 21 may adopt with special permission from the court.

Married couples wishing to adopt must file joint petitions for adoption while unmarried couples must file co-parent petitions for adoption.

Adoption Restrictions in Colorado

Anyone convicted of felony child abuse or neglect or spousal abuse cannot adopt in Colorado nor can anyone convicted of a felony crime against a child.

Those convicted of a misdemeanor may petition the court for adoption and adopt with court approval. Background checks are required to adopt in Colorado.

Types of Adoptions in Colorado

Domestic and International Adoption

Prospective parents may adopt children domestically or internationally. In domestic adoption, a child already residing within the United States is adopted. In international adoption, a child residing in another country is adopted by a family residing within the United States.

Private Agency and Public Foster Care Adoption

Adoptions may go through an adoption agency or the public foster care system. Agency adoptions are a type of private adoption meaning the biological parent relinquishes their parental rights directly to the adoptive parents.

In a public adoption, the state assumes all parental responsibilities while a child is awaiting adoption placement.

Kinship Adoption

In kinship adoption, the adoptive parent is a family member of the child. Kinship adoption is possible when:

  • The parent(s) abandoned the child for at least a year
  • The parent(s) failed to sufficiently provide support for at least a year
  • The party seeking kinship adoption has legal custody of the child for at least a year

Kinship adoption is also possible when a biological parent is deceased or voluntarily relinquishes their rights due to incarceration or drug addiction.

Custodial Adoption

Non-family members with legal custody or guardianship of a child can petition the court for adoption when the birth parents have:

  1. Abandoned the child for one year or more
  2. Failed to provide reasonable support for the child, such as failure to pay child support for one year or more

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