2 reasons why you might want sole custody of your child

Co-parenting may seem like the best option after a divorce for your child. Your child’s needs and wants may be fulfilled while seeing both of their parents. If your child comes home from visitation acting differently, however, then there may be underlying problems while seeing their other parent.

These problems can affect your child’s well-being. It may be time to take sole custody of your child when they start struggling in their daily life. Here is when you should consider sole custody of your child:

You find unexplained bruises on your child

Kids are extremely clumsy and are often getting cuts and bruises every day. If you start noticing repeated cuts or bruises in batches after visitation with their other parent, then you might need to investigate the cause.

Your ex-spouse could be physically harming your child. This can cause prolonged anxiety and depression in your child. The safety of your child can be a strong reason to take sole custody of your child.

Your ex can not stick to a schedule

The daily patterns of your child help them stay focused and engaged during their early years of growth. Co-parenting may mean your child is going back and forth from your ex’s home. If your ex isn’t observing the custody schedule, that can be a serious problem.

Your ex may even be neglectful of keeping your child on a schedule when it comes to school, extracurriculars and medical treatment. This can upset your child’s rhythms and cause them anxiety and stress — or even put them in danger. Sole custody of your child can guarantee that your child is sticking to a daily schedule.

Taking action to obtain sole custody can be a long and hard process. Seeking experienced legal help could assure you an easy process to take sole custody.