Coronavirus and Custody

It is an uncertain time for everyone in the nation, but especially for those who find themselves sharing custody of children. The current Colorado “stay at home” order makes sharing custody even more complicated. The order allows for current custody orders to be followed with no interference. However, sometimes this directive isn’t as easy as it may sound. For example, what happens if your child is medically classified as high risk? Should you continue to share custody during this pandemic and potentially risk your child’s health? What if you live with a high-risk family member, like a grandparent? Should you amend the custody order to allow for fewer exchanges and less potential exposure?

Unfortunately, these are difficult questions and there is no one right answer. Complicating the issue is the fact that most Courts in Colorado have shut down and are only hearing emergency matters. However, there may be other avenues available to you, such as mediation or asking for a telephone conference with the Court. The attorneys at Danielsen Westhoff can discuss your custody issues and help determine the best next steps. Call today for a free phone consultation.