Some factors judges use to determine child custody

Judges in Colorado take into consideration a variety of factors when determining which parent will get custody of the children as the parents go through a divorce. The main goal judges have when looking at these factors is to determine what will be in the best interests of the child.

Some things that they will consider concerning the children include their ages, how well they could adjust to new circumstances, and their health. Judges often prefer to maintain consistency, which sometimes means that custody will be granted to the parent the child is already living with. However, this is no hard rule. As the children get older, judges may be more willing to look at other living arrangements as the children may be able to better adjust as they mature.

Many factors will be considered when looking at the parents and determining who will be granted legal custody. For one thing, judges will consider how supportive the parents are when it comes to the relationship their ex will have with the children. The court wants to be sure that neither parent will stand in the way of the other parent’s relationship with the children. Practical things like living accommodations, education and health care will all be looked at as well.

There are cases where false allegations have been made regarding neglect or abuse. When a person is in this situation and they would like to be granted custody of their children, they may want to speak with a family law attorney. The attorney may be able to bring in character witnesses and provide other evidence in order to argue for their client’s fitness as a parent. The attorney may also be able to provide practical help when it comes to a parent learning about visitation rights, child custody modification and other matters that relate to child custody after a divorce.