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I never finalized my divorce and now I've met someone new

Just as there are many ways to maintain a healthy marriage, there are many ways to end one. Divorce is the most common, while legal separation is a worthwhile solution for some. There are tangible benefits to separation -- perhaps one partner requires health insurance and has a complex medical background, or maybe it always seemed easiest to tell the kids you were separated instead of divorced.

Why hiring the right divorce lawyer is invaluable to your future

The main ingredients of a divorce are said to be emotional distress, time and cost -- all of which are manageable. Are you considering divorce, or have you just found out that your spouse has filed for divorce? Sure, you can handle your own divorce, but then you will also have to cope with the mentioned ingredients on your own. You may not realize that experienced family law attorneys offer more than just fighting court battles.

What are the basic steps I can expect during a divorce?

You know you're ready to divorce your spouse. You two have tried everything and your marriage is just not working. You have decided it's time to take the first step. But what, exactly, is the first step in Colorado? And the second and third? Knowing what to expect ahead of time may help you prepare both mentally and emotionally for the process that is to come.

Gray divorce in Colorado can mean serious financial stress

It used to be no big deal to hear that a couple had been married 30 or 40 years. After spending decades in a marriage, you may have assumed you would live out your lives together. However, studies show that couples are no longer as willing to carry their wedding vows into their golden years. In fact, while the overall rate of divorce declines, the number of divorces among people over age 50 has doubled.

Are alimony orders adjustable?

Post-divorce finances can prove to be a struggle for most people, regardless if they reside in Colorado or elsewhere. Alimony will help some individuals with the difficult task of providing for themselves when their marriages come to an end. This is something that can be included in a divorce settlement, if one meets all the necessary qualifications.

Mediation can be a win-win in Colorado divorce

Mediation is a dispute-resolution method in which two parties attempt to negotiate a settlement with the assistance of a professional, neutral mediator specially trained in helping parties in conflict resolve differences in position and navigate through communication impasses. Mediation can be a good idea for divorcing spouses, offering the likelihood of less stress and lower legal fees than a divorce trial.

Dangers of going it alone in Colorado family court

More than 34,000 people in Colorado filed family law cases without attorneys last year. The increasing prevalence of unrepresented parties (appearing pro se) can slow the work of state courts and has been regarded by some as a crisis.

Negotiating the division of retirement assets in divorce

Working out matters related to property division and other financial obligations in divorce cases requires careful negotiation and planning. Splitting up assets can be complicated in practice, and parties may need to be flexible in coming up with an acceptable agreement.


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