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My soon-to-be ex and I get along. So do I need a parenting plan?

Along with property division, child-related matters are typically the most challenging issues to navigate in a divorce. You and your soon-to-be ex will have to make important decisions about the children; otherwise, the judge will make them for you. You will need to draft a parenting plan to indicate the times the kids spend with each of you, where exchanges will take place and much more.

Parents with drinking problems risk losing child custody

While courts are becoming more aware of the importance of a child spending equal time with both parents, judges are also dealing with an alarming increase in addiction-related issues. The nature of addiction makes it difficult for the addict to care for himself or herself, let alone the urgent needs of a child.

Back-to-school issues and co-parenting: are they in sync?

Are you a Colorado parent who is divorced and living day-to-day according to a court-ordered parenting plan? Your parenting plan may have been created in negotiation with your ex-spouse and approved by the court or it may have been developed by the judge if the two of you were not able to agree or if the judge did not approve your agreement.

In Colorado, are mothers more likely to get custody?

Many people assume that it is difficult, if not impossible, for fathers to win custody of their children. But by law, the courts actually cannot assume that one parent is the better choice solely because of sex. 


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