Tips for Effective Co-Parenting Around the Holidays 

Meeting the demands of co-parenting can be difficult at any time of the year. Co-parenting during the holidays can place added stress on families struggling to overcome divorce and transition to a new stage in life.

Help to make the most of your holiday season as a co-parent by planning and anticipating common co-parenting challenges. The following offers tips for effective co-parenting around the holidays.

If possible, share these tips with your co-parent and keep the lines of communication open in anticipation of the holidays. This may help to avoid a season of conflict and disappointment for yourself, your co-parent, and your children.

Tips for Effective Co-Parenting Around the Holidays

Review Your Parenting Time Schedule

Review your parenting time schedule well in advance. There should be guidance in your parenting time schedule regarding holiday visitation.

Typically holidays alternate between parents. Make sure you and your co-parent are aware of the stipulations in your parenting time schedule.

Discuss any changes or alternate holiday plans you would like your co-parent to consider. Be flexible if your co-parent would like a change.

If you and your co-parent cannot agree on changes, the parenting plan takes precedence.

When Possible, Be Flexible

Life is unpredictable, and plans can change without notice. Be flexible with your co-parent if there are special events or opportunities for your children to visit with extended family. Remember that you may like to be afforded the same courtesy in the future.

You may arrange for makeup days or trade for upcoming holidays in the calendar year.

Prepare Your Children for New Holiday Traditions

Prepare your children for upcoming changes in the holiday season. Let them know that although the holidays will not be the same, they will be a time to embrace new traditions.

Encourage your children to enjoy time with their other parent and remove them from any holiday disputes.

Get Outside Help When Needed

If you are unable to work together with your co-parent to navigate the holidays, you may need outside help. Many parenting time schedules require co-parents seek help from a mediator to resolve their disputes prior to court intervention.

Mediation is an excellent means to work through parenting time disagreements. Family law attorneys can also provide advice on creative solutions to parenting time problems.

In situations where you and your co-parent cannot agree, a family law attorney can help you modify a parenting time agreement through litigation. Regardless of what method you choose to end a holiday parenting time dispute, remember that the court will only approve plans that prioritize your children’s best interests.

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