3 tips to protect your child from a narcissistic spouse

Living with a narcissist is tough, and so is severing ties with them. Life can become exponentially difficult if you are planning to divorce a narcissistic spouse with whom you have a child.

Here are a couple of tips that can help you protect your child while divorcing an unusually difficult spouse.

Listen to your children’s feelings

Divorce can be extremely difficult for a child. With lots of uncertainties to grapple with, your child needs a shoulder to lean on and someone who can answer difficult questions. And that person is none other than you. Give your child an audience, and most importantly, respond to their concerns. Let them know that they are heard and their feelings are appreciated.

Help them understand that your divorce is not their fault

Narcissists are masters of blame games. It is not uncommon for them to blame everyone, including a child, for a divorce. Depending on their age and maturity, help your child understand that this conduct is absolutely unfair and that the divorce is not their fault. While at it, be sure not to disparage the other parent in front of the child but, instead, clearly reinforce that everyone is wrong sometimes and your spouse is wrong about this.

Maintain your cool

Divorce can be an emotionally-charged undertaking, especially if the other party is hell-bent on frustrating you. Let your child know that your differences with the other parent do not define them in any way. Do your very best to protect them from any conflicts you might have with your spouse. This is only possible if you remain calm and composed.

Protecting your child’s best interests

Children can be exceptionally resilient. But divorce is likely going to hit them where it hurts most. Fortunately, you can take proactive steps to protect your child from a narcissistic spouse. Your efforts matter, even if you can’t see that quite yet.