Is a long-distance move with the children possible after divorce?

A primary goal for parents with children in the early stages of divorce is often to minimize disruption as much as possible. They keep the children in the family home and at the same schools. They try to maintain the same standard of living and household schedule as much as possible.

Eventually, the whole family will adapt to the new living arrangements and co-parenting schedule. Of course, the lives of the entire family will continue to shift during that time. There are many factors that could prompt one parent to relocate when they share custody with the other parent of their children in Colorado.

Relocations are often possible

A parental relocation will obviously lead to major changes in the parenting plan. The greater the distance, the more likely the move is to interrupt the relationship the other parent has with the children. Therefore, their consent or the approval of the Colorado family courts will typically be necessary. The parent hoping to move will need to provide detailed information to the other parent and the courts as soon as possible to allow proper consideration of the matter. If the other parent agrees that the move would be best for the children, they may be able to negotiate a new parenting schedule and proceed accordingly with making changes to the parenting plan.

However, the parent not involved in the move may oppose it out of concern for how it will affect their relationship with the children. If they do not give their approval, then the family will need to attend a hearing. The judge will hear the perspective of both parents and then make a decision based on what they believe would be in the best interests of the children. The judge may not grant permission to move with the children in some cases, but they frequently will provided that the relocation would be positive for the children in the family. Both parents trying to secure permission to relocate and those opposed to a relocation need to understand how the courts approach such determinations if they want to present the best argument possible for their side of the matter.

Discussing a current parenting plan and relocation wishes with a family law attorney can help parents achieve a favorable outcome in a contested custody matter.