How to make child visitation days easier

Nothing takes higher priority for parents than the welfare of their children. Throughout a divorce, this can be hard to get right, despite being the center of every parent’s focus.

The challenge doesn’t cease once the divorce is concluded. Co-parents will have to stick to the agreed custody arrangements. Part of that will generally involve both parents spending scheduled days with their children.

It can be tough to let your children go, even for a day or two, especially after divorce. Nonetheless, it will actually help your kids to see that both parents can still get along. Outlined below are some ways to make visitation days easier for everyone.

Don’t resent your co-parent

The last thing you want is for your child to feel torn between parents. This can happen if you display blatant anger or disappointment that your child is heading off to visit their other parent. Whatever happened between you and your former spouse, if it was nothing to do with parenting, it should be left to one side. Your romantic relationship has ended and the parental relationship must be the focus now. Your child needs to know that it is ok to spend time with both parents and that no upset will be caused by their visits.

Avoid conflict

Although you might be able to keep it to a minimum, there may be times when you and your ex will cross paths. If you have to see them as they drop off or collect your children, try to remain peaceful. Children tend to be intuitive, even at a young age, and they will notice any ill-feeling or awkwardness.

It is perfectly normal for your child to want to see both parents. Whatever happened during your marriage, it is your parenting skills that should be judged post-divorce. If you are running into custody difficulties with your former spouse, remember that you have a number of legal options at your disposal.