How soon can you remarry after a divorce?

You and your spouse have not been on the same page with your relationship for a long time. You both want to do different things with your lives, and that brought you to the realization that you needed to get a divorce.

Since you’ve struggled with the idea of divorcing for a while, your spouse had agreed to separate rather than to divorce to see other people and explore your options. During that time, you met someone new, and you’ve realized that the divorce is the right option. In fact, your new partner would like to get married to you.

You have to have a finalized divorce before you can remarry

You can’t get married again until you can show that you finalized your divorce. This can be somewhat problematic if your ex doesn’t want to divorce, though they cannot stop you from filing yourself.

In Colorado, there is a 91-day waiting period after filing for divorce. Then, the divorce can move forward. If you and your ex already separated your assets, you may have an uncontested divorce and be able to resolve it quickly. If you have children or issues that haven’t been settled, then it could be a while before you finalize the divorce and can move on.

Getting remarried could impact your support

Remember that there are some things that may be impacted by getting remarried. For instance, if you wanted spousal support, that support may stop after you remarry. If you have children, your ex may argue that they shouldn’t live with you because you quickly remarried after the divorce.

Since there are so many aspects of your divorce that could be impacted when you remarry, it’s a smart choice to go over your legal options before you do. Sometimes, living with a partner is a better choice compared to remarrying. Other times, remarrying doesn’t have an effect on the final divorce decree and can happen as soon as you’d like it to following the divorce.

There is no waiting period to remarry after your divorce is signed and completed by the court. Be sure that’s what you want to do, though, especially if you have spousal support or other issues that could be impacted by remarrying.