3 aggressive steps Colorado takes to enforce child support

If a Colorado family law judge ordered your ex to pay child support, it is reasonable for you to expect to receive that money every month. Your kids will constantly outgrow their clothing and need new supplies for school, sports and daily life.

Unfortunately, some people make bad personal decisions that hinder their ability to pay child support. Others will go out of their way to avoid sending money to their ex. If the other parent of your children has failed to meet their child support obligations in recent months, there are several different aggressive collection strategies that the Colorado courts could employ if you seek support enforcement.

1. License suspension

Colorado licenses professionals who work in certain industries, those who engage in certain sporting activities and anyone who drives. The state can suspend existing licenses due to child support non-compliance. They can also refuse to issue or renew licenses over unpaid child support amounts.

2. Intercepting income

People occasionally have large amounts of money deposited into their bank accounts other than their weekly paychecks. Gambling or lottery winnings are an example of one kind of lump-sum income people receive. Tax refunds are another example. The state can potentially intercept certain funds received by a parent with significant child support arrears.

3. Reporting to the credit bureaus

Ignoring child support obligations can drag down someone’s credit score. Not only could that affect an individual’s finances, but it can affect their profession as well, as some employers will perform credit checks before hiring or promoting people. The state can report the unpaid support to pressure someone into paying.

Learning more about different child support enforcement options can empower you to seek the child support you deserve but have not received.