Could split custody be best for your children?

With children, life can sometimes be unpredictable. Sometimes your kids may get along, but in other cases, they may not. One may be much older than a younger sibling and want more independence and to have friends over to participate in teenager-appropriate activities. You may feel the need to shield a younger child from your older child’s dating, long hours at school or other stressors.

In cases like this, one of the things you and your ex-spouse may want to talk about is if split custody, at least for part of the week, could be beneficial for your children. With split custody, each parent will have custody of one of the siblings. Then, for a few days a week, you may consider putting them on a shared schedule, so that they get time together.

Why do parents choose split custody schedules?

Parents choose split custody schedules for a few reasons, such as:

  • Having children with a significant age difference
  • Having one child with medical issues requiring care
  • Preventing disputes between children or half-siblings
  • Allowing children to be closer to their activities
  • Giving each child more personalized attention

Split custody needs to be in the best interest of your children, and a judge will go over the situation with you to make sure it is. If your children have a close bond, then limiting their time together may not be a good choice.

If you’re concerned about one child’s safety or having the siblings together due to financial or parenting support concerns, this is something to discuss with your ex-spouse as you work to create a custody schedule that is right for your children.