Can I get proof of how my co-parent spends my child support payments?

Many noncustodial parents in Colorado worry about whether their co-parent is using child support funds properly. They often ask if there is a way to demand proof of these expenditures.

Although it is understandable to want to know how your ex uses your hard-earned money on behalf of your kids, you typically cannot demand proof. A degree of trust is necessary to feel secure about your child support obligations, but such trust does not always come easily.

Positive communication may help

One way that could help you uncover how your co-parent uses child support is by working on how you communicate with one another. The tips below can help.

Focus on your kids. Whenever you must speak with your co-parent, keep the conversation focused on your children. Over time, you may reach a point where you can simply ask your ex about their child support expenditures.

Be respectful and civil. Your divorce is over, and it is time to move on for the good of everyone. Avoid arguing with your ex or rehashing disputes to further improve your communications.

Listen to your ex. One-way discussions do not solve problems. When you want your co-parent to hear and understand your concerns, make sure you return the favor by listening to what they have to say.

If your concern arose because you believe your co-parent misuses support funds, it might be time to consider having your order reviewed and perhaps modified. In many cases, this can solve disputes that arise over child support.

Learning more about Colorado child support laws can also ensure that your children’s best interests remain protected.