Drinking could put your custody rights at risk

You enjoy going out and drinking with friends, but you usually avoid taking photographs or sharing that information with those who might otherwise use it against you. That’s smart, because drinking, and being accused of drinking too much, could put your custody case at risk.

Unfortunately, you can’t always control what other people do. If someone you’re out with takes photos of you at the bar or takes a video of you while you’re intoxicated, then that could end up being used against you in court if your ex gets ahold of it or if it’s shared on social media.

What can you do to protect your right to custody?

There are a few things you should do right away to prevent things like innocent nights out from impacting your custody rights. These include:

· Shutting down your social media accounts, so that there are no direct posts or links to you there

· Asking friends and family not to post about you on social media while your case is ongoing

· Making sure you don’t have custody on dates when you do go out and socialize, so that you can show you were no danger to your child in those circumstances

· Avoid allowing photos or videos of you when you’re intoxicated

Although it may seem unfair that a snapshot or short video could impact your right to custody, the reality is that a judge has to think about what’s best for your child. If your ex collects dozens of examples of you past the point of intoxication, then that won’t make you look good in court.

It’s your responsibility to do what you can to look your best for the court. Make sure you do know if images or videos are posted, so that your attorney is aware and can take action to mitigate any damage they may cause. If there is any question about your parenting, you will want to be able to defend yourself and show that you are a good parent, spend time with your children and never put them in harm’s way. Protecting your image is an important part of this defense.