Signs that your family might benefit from divorce mediation

Divorce is a messy process that can turn even the kindest individual into someone angry and vindictive. The more bitter and drawn-out a divorce becomes, the harder it is for the people divorcing, the children they share, their loved ones and their finances.

Reducing the conflict in your divorce can go a long way toward making the process easier on you and the people you love. If you haven’t yet filed for divorce, you might want to consider whether divorce mediation could be a tool that could help you and your spouse cleanly navigate the process of dissolving your union. There are certain signs that are good indicators that your family might benefit <ahref=”/family-law/mediation/”>from divorce mediation.

You and your spouse worry about the impact on your kids

Contentious divorce can be hard on children. They may assume they are partially to blame, especially if custody terms are a major point of conflict between their parents. Additionally, for older children, needing to stand up in court and talk about their preferences or discuss their wishes with the judge in the privacy of their chambers can cause a lot of personal stress.

Mediation allows you to hash out those details directly between yourselves with the help of your attorneys and a neutral mediator. In other words, there’s no conflict to expose your children to and no need for them to make a decision.

You or your ex have certain assets that are priorities

When there are specific assets that you or your spouse feel strongly about retaining, going through a litigated divorce could result in the loss of those assets. The courts might give your spouse a share of your business or order you to liquidate an asset that you desperately want to keep. Mediation lets you set your own terms, which means that you can negotiate for the assets that matter the most to you.

You worry about your privacy during divorce

If privacy is concerning and you don’t want to air your dirty laundry in public, mediation can be of great help. You can discuss those private issues and how you feel they should impact the outcome of the divorce in a confidential mediation session. While the agreement you create in that session will become public record when you submit it to the courts, the details of how you arrived at the agreement will not.

Mediation is also a great option for those who want to keep their costs low and those who know that they will have to have an ongoing relationship with their ex after the divorce. Mediation is a powerful and useful tool for those seeking the end of their marriage.