Stimulus Checks and What That Means for Families Who Share Custody

On March 27, 2020 President Trump signed into law the COVID-19 Stimulus Package which will provide Americans with immediate cash in an effort to help pay bills during this pandemic. According to the Stimulus Package, individual Americans who make under $75,000 a year will receive $1200 plus $500 per child. Couples who make under $150,000 a year will receive $2400 plus $500 per child. However, the package does not address which parent receives the $500/child if the parties are exercising joint custody. It only seems fair that for parents who share custody of a child, this stimulus money would be split equally between them. However, the bill is largely silent on this issue. One can assume that the parent who most recently claimed the child on his/her tax return will be given the extra $500, leaving the other parent with nothing.

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