Possible uses of child support money

Whether two Colorado parents are married, separated, or divorced, they are both expected to contribute to the financial needs of their children. That means that if the parents live apart from each other they must work out an arrangement to share money between themselves that is dedicated to the needs of their kids. The legal name of this arrangement is child support and child support is often a critical piece in family law cases.

Particularly when one parent has sole custody of the children will the other parent be expected to send child support money to them. Child support can be used for a range of expenses related to raising a child, and this post will discuss some of those costs.

First, child support may be used to pay for a child’s basic requirements. Basic requirements can include but are not limited to providing them with shelter, feeding them, and keeping them in clothing. As such, child support money can be used to pay rent or one’s mortgage, purchase groceries, and buy new clothes for a growing child. Child support may also be used to pay for a child’s medical expenses.

Second, child support may be used to pay for the auxiliary needs of a child. These costs may be broader. For example, it may be used to pay for a child’s extracurricular activities, child care costs of the primary parent has to work, transportation costs for getting the child to school and other places, and others.

Child support is often computed based on state-dictated formulas will take into consideration the financial stamina of the parents. To learn more about child support parents can talk to their family law attorneys. This post is informational in content and should not be read as legal advice.