Safety and visitation rights

When parents in Colorado divorce, both spouses are usually interested in protecting the best interests of their kids. Even even if spouses are bitter toward each other, they’re usually capable of getting past this and respecting the custody arrangement. In some cases, however, a parent may have significant concerns about the safety of their child while visiting or living with the other parent.

While it’s common for divorced parents to have some minor disagreements about child-rearing, rules and household discipline, having legitimate fears that a child may be in danger are much more serious. These concerns could include emotional abuse, exposure to the other parent abusing drugs and physical or sexual abuse. A parent may also be concerned that the ex is associating with people who might also pose a danger to the child.

Parents should take action if they believe their children are in some kind of danger. It’s wise to make a record of the incidents that have caused concern. The parent can report these concerns to the judge who has jurisdiction over the divorce case. Police or family services may get involved. In some cases, a judge might order continued visits that are subject to supervision.

Individuals who have concerns about the safety of their children during parental visits may benefit from speaking with an experienced family law attorney. The lawyer could review the evidence and make recommendations regarding legal strategies to protect the children. Options may include seeking orders of protection, asking a judge for a child custody order modification or requesting that the other parent undergo evaluation and treatment before visits continue.