Do you wonder what the big deal is with divorce mediation?

When the divorce rate in this country reached an all time high of 50 percent, couples here in Colorado and elsewhere became disheartened by the cost, time and hassle involved in going through the traditional court process. It seemed to only cause deeper discontent and contention between couples and often caused far more harm than good, especially for couples with children.

For these and other reasons, divorce mediation gained popularity. Even couples who may have failed to agree in a courtroom setting were putting aside their differences in order to take advantage of this kinder, gentler and less expensive way to end their marriages.

Should you try it?

Many couples decide to use divorce mediation in order to lessen the stress of divorce on themselves and their children. This may attract you to this alternative to the courtroom, along with the fact that it promotes understanding, settlement and reconciliation. You and the other party may find ways to cooperate and compromise that could serve you as you co-parent your children post-divorce.

You also retain control over how your marriage ends. You and the other party make the decisions based on the needs of you and your family instead of allowing a judge who doesn’t know your family to decide how your future will look. You and your future former spouse may also be more likely to adhere to the agreement you reach since you both designed it.

However, if you don’t feel that you can speak freely or trust your future ex-spouse to provide full disclosure, then divorce mediation may not work for you. Each party must feel free to express opinions and discuss what he or she needs from the settlement. Moreover, both parties are required to fully disclose their assets and liabilities to the other. Distrust will only take you back to the courtroom.

Need more information?

If you believe that you and your spouse can remove the emotional aspect of divorce from your situation and work together, you may decide that divorce mediation will work for you. If that’s the case, you may need answers to additional questions before moving forward, such as how the process works, how long it will take and what happens when you come to an agreement.

You may receive the answers to these and other questions by making use of the legal resources at your disposal.