You can modify your child support payment amount in certain cases

In Colorado, the payments you make for child support are based on both your income and the other parent’s income, as well as the earning potential for both of you. These payments are also based on the children’s specific monetary needs.

However, what happens if you can no longer make these payments due to a change in your income? In this situation, you may want to seek to modify your child support payment amount. Here is a look at what child support modification entails.

How do you change a child support order?

To change how much you pay in child support, you need to ask for a modification through the court that granted your order for child support. In some cases, you and the other parent will agree on the change you need in the amount you are paying. In this situation, you still have to go to the court to make this change happen.

Of course, if you and the other party do not agree about modifying the payment amount, which is often the case, you both will have to make your arguments regarding the matter before a judge. In general, the court will not allow you to modify your support amount unless you can demonstrate that a substantial change in your circumstances has made modification necessary.

What types of circumstances are grounds for changing a child support amount?

A judge may agree to change your child support amount if you become permanently disabled. Another situation that may require a permanent change in your child support amount is losing your job and claiming another one that pays less than what your former one used to pay. Changes in Colorado family law might also spark a long-term change in the amount you must pay in child support.

Is it possible to change your child support amount temporarily?

The answer to this question is yes. You are allowed to make a temporary modification of your child support amount based on your circumstances. For instance, maybe you have temporarily lost your job, or perhaps you have experienced a medical emergency. Changing your support amount may help you to avoid falling behind in your child support obligations and thus suffering the legal consequences that come with this.