Change is often inevitable, and adjustments may be required

The end of a marriage is often a stressful and challenging period, especially when kids are involved. If you and your spouse have decided to move in separate directions, chances are, you will probably want to protect the future of your children by reaching a custody agreement that is in their best interests. However, covering every possibility the future may hold can be difficult at best.

Perhaps you have already obtained a divorce decree; then you may have a child custody agreement in place that dictates your current parenting schedule. While this arrangement might have been in the best interests of everyone involved at the time, some changes in life could spark a need for adjustments.

The process of modifying a parenting plan

There are numerous reasons that a modification to custody may become necessary, such as a need to relocate or simply a shift change at work. If you wish to make changes to the current parenting plan, there are several factors to consider that may influence the process, which may include:

  • Ability to negotiate:  If you and the other parent can reach an agreement concerning the proposed changes, the court may approve them. However, in some cases the other parent may oppose the modification, perhaps especially if it calls for relocation.
  • Possibility of opposition:  If the two of you cannot agree upon the changes, yet you still wish to pursue modification, you will have to file a request for a court hearing.
  • Documented need for change:  When requesting a hearing, you will likely have to show the court that a change in circumstances has made the modification necessary.
  • Additional requirements:  In some cases, the court may require the two of you meet with a mediator who will attempt to help you resolve the situation though discussion.

Should you be unable to reach an agreement following mediation, the court will likely have the final say in the matter. With numerous areas to consider and so much weighing on the outcome of your current dilemma, guidance might be the key to helping you prepare for what comes next.

Pursuing a favorable outcome

Certain changes in life may be out of your control, or they might even prove better for everyone involved in the long run. Either way, adjusting a parenting plan can be a complex matter, especially if the other parent does not agree with the proposed modification. However, that may not change the fact that your circumstances make it a necessity.

You could choose to prepare for the road ahead by obtaining advice and assistance from someone with extensive knowledge in Colorado state child custody laws. By seeking guidance before entering the process, you could become better prepared to pursue the best outcome possible through whatever means necessary.