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Parents with drinking problems risk losing child custody

While courts are becoming more aware of the importance of a child spending equal time with both parents, judges are also dealing with an alarming increase in addiction-related issues. The nature of addiction makes it difficult for the addict to care for himself or herself, let alone the urgent needs of a child.

Gray divorce in Colorado can mean serious financial stress

It used to be no big deal to hear that a couple had been married 30 or 40 years. After spending decades in a marriage, you may have assumed you would live out your lives together. However, studies show that couples are no longer as willing to carry their wedding vows into their golden years. In fact, while the overall rate of divorce declines, the number of divorces among people over age 50 has doubled.

Are alimony orders adjustable?

Post-divorce finances can prove to be a struggle for most people, regardless if they reside in Colorado or elsewhere. Alimony will help some individuals with the difficult task of providing for themselves when their marriages come to an end. This is something that can be included in a divorce settlement, if one meets all the necessary qualifications.


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