Legal issues involving your family can be highly emotional, stressful and anxiety ridden. The attorneys at Danielsen Westhoff are experienced in all aspects of family law and offer compassionate and caring representation during a difficult time. We will help you navigate the legal system and assist you in achieving a favorable outcome to an unfavorable situation.
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The attorneys at Danielsen Westhoff are well versed in all aspects of Colorado adoption law. In fact, Attorney Daniel Westhoff successfully argued a landmark adoption case in front of the Colorado Supreme Court and created new law that directly impacts the outcome of future adoption cases throughout Colorado. Since that time, the attorneys at Danielsen Westhoff have traveled throughout Colorado to assist clients in obtaining adoptions.
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Mediation is a great tool to help parties come to agreements on contested issues in their case without the high cost of litigation. The attorneys at Danielsen Westhoff serve as mediators and can help you and your spouse (or co-parent) come to creative solutions to the unique issues in your case. As family law attorneys, we have the experience it takes to assist parties in coming to viable solutions to their issues. We can help ease the stress and high-costs that inevitably come with a family law case.
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If you don’t have the money to pay a retainer, unbundled legal services may be right for you! With unbundled legal services, the attorneys at Danielsen Westhoff can provide you with advice on your legal issues, assistance in drafting Court pleadings, and guidance for your court appearances. We don’t require a retainer for this limited representation and will only bill you for the amount of attorney time that you need.
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