Preparing for a hearing when negotiations don’t go as planned

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Chances are likely that as a parent, you consider the future of your kids to be of the utmost importance. Should you and the other parent reach an impasse, and decide to take separate paths moving forward, you might have concerns about how this decision will impact the kids.

Should the two of you be able to reach an agreement concerning a parenting plan, the process may end there, provided the arrangement is reasonable and in keeping with the best interests of the kid or kids. However, child custody is often a highly debatable topic, and negotiations may not always go as planned.

Understanding the process of a hearing for child custody

If you cannot reach an agreement, the court will step in and determine custody based on a variety of factors, each of which focuses on what is best for the child/children. While you may be somewhat intimidated by the thought of attending a custody hearing, gaining an understanding of the process beforehand could ease some of your stress, and some preparations that may assist you along the way could include the following:

  • Knowledge of applicable laws:  Entering the process with a basic knowledge of Colorado state child custody laws could not only help you gain an understanding of what to expect, but may also help prepare you to pursue the most favorable outcome possible.
  • Knowledge of standards:  Should you wish to pursue sole custody of your kids, you might want to consider gaining an understanding of the better parent standard, and any steps you may need to take to prove that you serve as the primary caretaker.
  • Importance of documentation:  Having the correct documentation could be a crucial step in pursuing the desired custody arrangement.
  • Expectations and etiquette:  Although remaining calm could be difficult during such a potentially emotional period, how you behave in court could have an impact on your situation, and knowing what to expect and how to act during your custody hearing is likely in your best interests.

Since making a solid first impression may also be imperative, you might want to consider wearing the proper attire to your hearing, and consulting with someone with experience in this area, as well as every other aspect of your hearing in advance could prove exceedingly beneficial on the road ahead.

Guidance in the process

With the potential weight of a decision regarding the custody of your kids, chances are, you may wish to put your best foot forward in hopes of obtaining the best possible outcome during legal proceedings. However, certain areas of child custody may not be common knowledge, and seeking guidance from someone with experience in handling such intricate matters could be necessary.

By obtaining advice and assistance in the initial stages, you could gain a better understanding of how to pursue a parenting plan that is not only acceptable in your eyes, but is in keeping with the best interests of your young ones.

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